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    The island is only accessible by boat from both ports, Skala Prinos and Limenas (Thassos), which are served from Kavala and Keramoti on the mainland.

    From Kavala

    The ship arrives from Kavala to Skala Prinos and the journey takes an hour and a quarter to about 5 times per day in summer. When you arrive in Skala Prinos will travel either by car or by bus, which is 20 km away. Turn right on the ring road in Skala Prinos and continue to the end of Prinos, Skala Sotiros, Skala Kallirachis, Skala Maries, Limenaria and Potos. Once you get to Potos, in the main crossroad you turn left driving to Theologos in 800m distance on your left hand you can see Irini Patira Studios and Apartments.

    From Keramoti

    From Keramoti port the ship arrives in port (Thassos), the capital of Thassos. The trip lasts 35 minutes and there are regular services, usually every half hour during the summer. From the port, the car or the bus, turn right on the ring road and follow signs for Prinos from there followed the same path above directions (Kavala / Skala Prinos).

    By aeroplane

    The closest airport to Thassos is Kavala Airport (Megas Alexandros Airport) which is close to Chrisoupolis just 17 km’s from the port of Keramoti. There is an all year round daily service to Athens and during the summer hosts charter flights from all over Europe.

    Studios Irina - Potos, Thassos